AITRICS-VC Selected as a Korea Innovative Medical Device



- Selected as innovative medical divices from MFDS based on excellent clinical trial results, papers and patents - Verifying the excellence of artificial intelligence technology based on biological signals [December 26, 2022] AITRICS (CEO Kwang joon Kim, Jin-gyu Yoo), a company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) technology announced on 26th that AITRICS-VC has been designated as the 27th innovative medical device of MFDS. Innovative medical devices are medical devices that have been designated by the MFDS for products that have significantly improved safety and effectiveness compared to existing medical devices or treatments in areas with high technology intensity and rapid innovation speed. If it is designated as an innovative medical device, it will be able to receive various benefits in the government's support projects and policy support under the Medical Device Industry Act. AITRICS-VC is an artificial intelligence monitoring solution that predicts the risk of death within 6 hours of intensive care patients, death within 6 hours of general ward patients, unexpected intensive care units, cardiac arrest, and sepsis within 4 hours. AITRICS-VC was designated as an innovative medical device in recognition of its innovation based on the results of three confirmed clinical trials conducted in July, a number of research papers, and patents.This solution is being introduced to domestic hospitals with permission from the MFDS in October. Until now, there has been a high demand for unmet needs in clinical sites for monitoring technologies that help medical staff predict patients' specific emergencies. In particular, AITRICS-VC proved the predictive performance of sepsis, death, and unexpected intensive care unit in general wards for the first and only time in Korea, and the predictive performance of mortality in intensive care units. As a result, it is expected that medical staff will be able to predict risk factors in advance and respond in advance before a specific emergency occurs in patients in general wards and intensive care units in the hospital. Kwang-joon Kim, CEO of AITRICS said, "Through this innovative medical device designation, AITRICS-VC's clinical performance as well as its excellent bio-signal-based artificial intelligence technology have been proven. With the designation of innovative medical devices as the starting point in 2023, we will continue research and development through participation in various government support and R&D support projects," adding "In the future, AITRICS will strive to help medical staff more accurately predict patients' conditions at the right time to increase work efficiency for medical staff and increase the possibility of treatment for patients at the clinical site.” Meanwhile, AITRICS is in the process of postponing the evaluation of new medical technology by AITRICS-VC. In the future, it plans to carry out various certifications to recognize the value and technology of companies such as innovative medical device software manufacturing companies and innovative medical device companies.