Join Us on Our Journey to Usher A New Age of Data-driven Medicine

We are developing bleeding-edge solutions in the space where AI meets Healthcare.

To make a positive impact on people’s lives we need out of the box thinkers with great passion and sincerity, who are eager to make the impossible possible

What It’s Like to Work at AITRICS

We call for a revolution in Healthcare

We are using evidence-based expert analysis and state of the art machine learning technologies to build clinical decision support system and provide diagnostic insights that will ultimately save millions of lives around the world.

The work we do is always challenging, never boring and extremely rewarding

Detecting early stage diseases. Identifying people with chronic diseases and other life-threatening diseases. We are working on one of the most important problems of our lifetime. By analyzing vast amounts of data from various forms of clinical records and combining them with machine learning techniques, we find patterns and features of certain conditions, and accelerate the uptake of a 4P approach – predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory.

We take pride and joy in the quality of our work

We are a fast-growing company, made up of experts from diverse fields and united by one mission: to provide people with more efficient, improved healthcare delivery. Day-to-day, joy comes from creating innovative, purpose-driven, cutting-edge products with trusted minds.

Ideally, you have an adaptable mindset and enjoy the fast-paced “up-for-everything” type of environment that is our everyday at AITRICS

If you want to make significant contributions to solving the world’s most complex problems, JOIN US NOW

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